Performing in the Theater

Performing in the Theater

Performing in the Theater


A live audience can help bring out the best in a performance. Night after night helps hone an actor’s craft and theater can be an amazing arena to take your craft to places it has not gone before.

What I offer to you as a coach, is a partnership. Someone to help you break down the play, scene by scene, action by action, working together to build not only a performance but a person, a human being living and breathing on that stage moment to moment.

We will rehearsal together and prepare you for your first schedule rehearsal with the cast. We will do homework together so that at first rehearsal you are prepared to get the most out of it and every rehearsal after that. If you treat every rehearsal as a performance, you will be at your best opening night. Your nervousness will come from what the anticipated performance will cost you, not the terror of knowing you are not fully prepared.

The theater can be unpredictable in terms of the mechanics: props, set decoration, lighting, acoustics, even the stage itself. It is important to be flexible with whatever comes your way. So, it is best to be aware, on your feet, and ready to perform.

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