Having a Solid Technique

When you have a solid technique, you have a solid approach to the work.

Go Beyond Directing Yourself

Get an educated eye and direction to fulfill your full potential as an actor. Move past your blind spots

You Don't Have to Go It Alone

Having someone to work with benefits your auditions. Stay accountable to your auditions and performance. Have someone that helps you dig deep down. Have someone in your corner cheering you on.

Learn How to Build a Profession

Gain the confidence of a seasoned professional at audition time, any time.

Acting is an art it is creative.

You paint a character with your imagination.
I say creative acting coach because we are creative together. You are an actor and you are creative. My job is to help you dig down into that artist that you already are.

Wherever you need me to show up...

I'll be there!
I am very good at getting to the bottom of a character what he or she is doing in the work, and I can help you get deep into the character, circumstances, and the characters actions quickly when necessary, with you when you get last minute auditions with not much time to prepare. I can do this online or in person on the set. Wherever you need me to show up I will be there.

You are an actor and artist a human being on this planet with a point of view.
A great actor is a prepared actor and a prepared actor’s performances and auditions will be memorable and remembered.

Trusted By

Mitchell Holden turned in a nuanced and truly riveting performance. He inhabits and transforms the character of Tim into a multi-layered masterpiece; sympathetic, troubled and terrifying.

Nicholas Bianchi

Nicholas Bianchi

Writer / Director

I have known Mitch as an actor, a writer, a director. Mitch does everything with the most upstanding character, vision, and intensity. We studied with some of the best acting teachers in the country if not the world at the Stella Adler Conservatory in Los Angeles, California as well as Stella Adler herself who holds a most notable place in the history of American Theatre Acting teachers.

One capacity I must point out is seeing him lead the nonprofit theater which he conceptualized and brought to life focused on a therapeutic development for young actors and artists. He directed the opening production as well as acted in it with the spirit of generosity. I do not know if such an event of its caliber had ever been accomplished before or since. Mitch is highly qualified to guide and train others for success and most importantly to artistry.

Jon Boatwright

Jon Boatwright


Mitch is, by any means, one of the finest performers I have had the opportunity to work with. Be it his quick wit, his charming attitude or his passion for the art, Mitch serves as an asset to a film set that is invaluable. Everyone enjoys his company, which makes a stressful or time-constrained shoot much easier. To finish on an obvious note, his acting is superb, and he won’t hesitate to bring a lot more out of a character than you imagined was possible.

Isaac Ipsen

Isaac Ipsen

Director, Chasing Cargill.
And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!

I'm committed to helping you give your best performance. Whether it's in the theater, tv commercials, pilot work, or theatrical films, I'm available to help you be the best actors

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